Chef Tu's Cholula Recipe: Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad #chefsfeed


Green Papaya, Firm                    2 each

Cherry tomatoes                         1 pint

Thai basil                                  1 bunch

Bean sprouts                              1 package

Shredded dried squid                1 package


Cholula, Original                        1 cup

Low Sodium Sow                       1cup

Water                                        ½ cup

Sugar                                        ¼ cup

Sesame oil                                 2 tbs

Chili flake                                  1 pinch



Box cheese grater

Mixing bowl

Latex gloves



·       Pick firm papaya (perfectly unripe)

·       Dried squid can be replaced with any cooked meat (chicken, shrimp, pork or beef)


1.     Peel and grate green papaya

2.     Store shredded papaya in salted water. Use your sink ( make sure to clean & sanitize sink)

3.     Mix Cholula, soy, water, sugar, sesame oil, chili flake to make dressing.

4.     Pick basil off the stem

5.     Wash bean sprouts

6.     Drain shredded green papaya, rinse

7.     In a big separate mixing bowl, use gloves to mix: green papaya, basil, bean sprouts and the dressing

8.     Mix (macerate with your hands) for 5 minutes. The more you mix, the saturated the ingredients will be. This is ideal


eat with steamed rice

make a sandwich

use as a filling for springs

make a wrap

serve in/on oysters



Note from Chef Tu:

Please enjoy my recipe! Send us pics of your version/attempts on this recipe!

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